Module Reference

gkScript is a chai module that offers different features:

gkScript main object

All gkScript module features are available through a global gkScript object:

class gkScript
    string executionType();    // returns "exe", "service" or "docker"
    // Helper functions
    time_t time();
    time_t utcOffset();
    string timeString(time_t val, bool convertToLocalTime = true);
    int tick();    // tick-count in milliseconds
    string expandString(string);
    string getKnownFolder(string);

    string getCommandLine();
    vector<string> getArgList();
    string getNetworkId(bool appendGateway);
    int getConnectionCost(string host);
    string getUserSID();
    string getUserUPN();
    string getMailAddress();
    bool waitForNetwork(milliseconds);

    map<string, string> getUrlParameter(string url);
    string urlEncode(string);
    string pathEncode(string);    // same as urlEncode, but does not encode '/'
    string hexEncode(string);
    string base64Encode(string);
    string base64Decode(string);
    string toLower(string);
    string utf16ToUtf8(string);
    string utf8ToUtf16(string);
    string jScriptStringEncode(string);
    bool matchWildCard(string pattern, string test);
    int getCodePage();

    string randomFill(size);

    bool cryptProtect(string in, bool toLocalMachine, string &out);
    bool cryptUnprotect(string in, string &out);
    bool exportCertStore(string path, string password);

    // Settings store
    bool setString(Key, Value);
    string getString(Key);
    bool setInt(Key, Value);
    integer getInt(Key);

    // Logging functions
    LogLevel getLogLevel();


    bool exportLog(string);
    setPowermode(bool on);     // on: prevent idle power off

    // WMI
    map<string Name, Value> wmiQuery(string Path, string Query);

    // Processes and Threads
    bool shellExecute(hwnd, string verb, string path);
    int executeProcess(string commandLine, string stdin, string &stdout, string &stderr, unsigned int timeout);
    handle runProcess(string commandLine);
    handle openProcess(int processId);
    bool wait(handle, milliseconds);             // can wait for processes, threads, events
    bool terminateProcess(handle, int exitCode);
    wmQuitProcess(int processId);    // send WM_QUIT to all windows of that process
    int getExitCode(handle);
    handle runThread(string chaiCommand);
    bool terminateThread(handle, int exitCode);

    // Events
    handle createEvent();

    // script tool
    ScriptTool ScriptTool(bool with_gkScript);

Helper functions

Most helpers are easy to understand. See below for some samples:

urlEncode - getUrlParameter

eval> var url = "https://localhost/response?company=" + gkScript.urlEncode("Glück & Kanja") + "&message=" + gkScript.urlEncode("Schöne Grüße");
eval> var param=gkScript.getUrlParameter("https://localhost/response?company=Gl%81ck+%26+Kanja&message=Sch%94ne+Gr%81%E1e");
[<company, Glück & Kanja>, <message, Schöne Grüße>]
eval> for (p : param) {print(p.first + ": " + p.second);}
company: Glück & Kanja
message: Schöne Grüße



bool gkScript::matchWildCard(string pattern, string test)

Tests for a case insensitive match of test against pattern. Pattern may contain wild cards '*' and '?'

Network helper functions



Wait until an internet connection is established and returns true. If a timeout occurs, the function returns false


Query network status


Returns the hex encoded Id of the network (the MAC-Address of the Gateway)


Append the IP address of the Gateway

eval> gkScript.getNetworkId()
eval> gkScript.getNetworkId(true)


Returns the cost flags for a connection to the specified host. See for a definition of WCM_CONNECTION_COST flags


Logging amount is controlled by LogLevel values:

enum LogLevel
    ll_ERROR,       // Log errors
    ll_INFO,        // Log error + info
    ll_DEBUG,       // Log error + info + debug
    ll_OFF,         // Log nothing

Logging functions are part of the gkScript class:

var logLevel = gkScript.getLogLevel()   // gets current LogLevel
gkScript.setLogLevel(ll_ERROR)          // sets the LogLevel to Error

gkScript.logError(string)               // Log an error message
gkScript.logInfo(string)                // Log an info
gkScript.logDebug(string)               // Log a debug string

bool gkScript.exportLog(string path)    // Export the log to a file

Tray Icon

gkScript offers the following functions to control the tray icon (client.exe only):

class callbackObject
    void onTrayClick();

bool showTrayIcon(callbackObject);



gkScript::wmiQuery(Path, Query)

Executes WMI queries. Path is the object path of the WMI namespace to query, e.g. ROOT\CIMV2 Query is the WQL query to execute.

The following code is a WMI query sample:

def printResults(wmi) {
	var count = 0;
	for (i:wmi) {
		print ("    Item " + to_string(count));
		for (j:i) {
			if (j.first[0] == '_') {continue;}
			if (is_var_undef(j.second)) {print("       " + j.first + ": undefined");}
			else{print("       " + j.first + ": " + to_string(j.second));}

var r=gkScript.wmiQuery("ROOT\\CIMV2", "SELECT Manufacturer, Model, Size FROM Win32_DiskDrive where Size>0");

Script Tool

The scriptTool class is a sandbox for ChaiScripts. You can call scripts without messing up your own environment...



gkScript object inside the sandbox


Creates a sandbox without gkScript object


} ScriptTool instances do not have an exit() command {}

class ScriptTool
    bool addScript(string script);
    object callFunction(string func);
    void reset();  // delete all defined variables and functions

The following code is a ScriptTool sample:

eval> var script=gkScript.ScriptTool(true);
eval> script.callFunction("gkScript.getVersion()");
eval> script.addScript("def testFunction(val) {return \"testFunction - \" + val;}");
eval> script.callFunction("testFunction(\"hello world\")");
testFunction - hello world
eval> script.reset();
eval> script.callFunction("testFunction(\"hello world\")");
[2017-12-01 18:26:11.946] [1668] [error] [Default] ScriptTool::callFunction: Eval exception thrown: Error: "Can not find object: test" during evaluation at (__EVAL__ 1, 1)

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