With Inventory, RealMigrator collects machine data through Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). Depending on settings and configurations, RealMigrator collects data about disk drives, processors, drivers, monitors, printers, software settings and more. This data will migrate to Windows 10 to configure a computer with the previous settings from Windows 7.

Inventory Settings


Run WMI Queries

RealMigrator will run the selected WMI Queries

Read Installer registry

RealMigrator will read the installer registry on a client computer

Enum drives

RealMigrator collects data about existing drives

Enum mail accounts

RealMigrator collects data about existing mail accounts

Check network bandwidth

RealMigrator will check and record the network bandwidth of a client computer or a whole company network

Execute script breakout

Log level

Available log levels are Error, Info and Debug.

Power mode

If this mode is activated, power down is prevented during migration.

WMI Queries

Some WMI Queries are preset as standard. As it was mentioned before, RealMigrator has the ability to read system and computer settings.



Name of the query


Query will running from the entered path


Tasks of the query

Query Order

Use the up and down buttons to change the order of the queries

Create and Delete queries

At the bottom of the page there are buttons to create new queries or delete existing ones

  • To add further queries, click the button Query

  • To delete the last created query, click the button Last Query

  • To delete all of them, click the button All


RealMigrator offers a default script for Inventory. But it is possible to edit the existing script or to write a new script.

Reset Button

If you click the Reset button in the Config tab or in the Script tab, all your entries will be reset to the RealMigrator default values.

To accept the default values, you have to click Save at the top of the page.

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