This menu contains a list of binaries which are part of RealMigrator, like .json files or .chai scripts.

Import Binaries

Beside the default existing binaries, it is possible to import own binaries and scripts. There are two different options to import binaries into RealMigrator:

Option 1

  1. Click the Drag & drop field

  1. Choose a file

  2. Finally, click Open

Option 2

  1. Search a script or binary on the own computer

  2. Drag and drop this script or binary into the Drag & Drop field

Filter by Path

Filter by Path is a filter function based on the file name. To search for a file, enter the name of the file. The filter shows the results automatically in the list.

Binary Details

To see further details or to delete a binary, click on a name of a binary.

This example above shows a script for the binary backup/module.chai.

A detail overview contains information about last modification, content-type, content-length, an ETag and a MD5. Additionally, the script is shown as well. It is possible to edit this script manually with a click into the script field. A click on the Save button will save the edits.

With a click on the Open button, the script will open in a new tab. It is not possible to edit a script in this tab.

Delete a script

If a script is no longer necessary or incorrect, it is possible to delete it. Click Delete in the upper-right corner to delete a script.

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