Groups Configurations

Add a new group

  1. Click +Add at the top of the page

  2. Assign a group name

  3. Click Save

Set Module Configuration

  1. Click Start selection at the top of the page

  2. Click on one or more groups to select them

  3. Click Set Module Configuration

  4. Use the drop-down menus to configure the modules (Skip, Discover or Migrate - explanation see table below)

  5. Click Ok

CommandDescriptionfile modulePST moduleinventory module


module is not executed





module discovers items the client and sends a report, but does not migrate any data





migrates data continuously




Multiple group deletion

  1. Click Start selection at the top fo the page

  2. Click on one or more groups to select them

  3. Click Delete to delete the chosen groups

Users Overview

This overview shows all registered clients in the group. These listed clients are equal to the listed clients in the input field Assigned Objects, but the user overview offers more information about a client.

The following table will explain about this information (attributes)



Client name based on a UPN

Last Message

Message about the last status of the client. For example: Finished migration: Migration is done Sleeping: Migration is paused running file module: Running file migration

Migration Status

Finished migration (check mark) = Migration is done without errors Finished migration with error (exclamation mark) = Finished migration but with an error Sleeping migration or running migration and more (progress icon) = migration is not finished


A progress bar


Date and time of Last Message

Object ID

Identification number of the current migration

Group ID

Identification number of group where the client is registered

A click on a client name will give additional information. For this topic see the documentation chapter [Clients Menu]({{< ref "clientmenu/client-information/" >}}).

Assign to group

With Assign to group, it is possible to assign a client to a further group:

  1. Click Start selection at the top of the menu

  2. Choose one or more clients

  3. Click Assign to group at the top of the menu

  4. Choose a group

  5. Click Assign

Delete a group

To delete a group, click Delete in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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