Own Blob Storage

To switch a project to an own blob storage, do the following:


1. Log in to Azure Portal

2. Go to Storage accounts

3. Choose one of your blob storages

3. Then, navigate to Access keys

Copy one of the two Connection Strings. A string looks like the following example:


To create a blob storage container, obtain a container URL from Sample Container URL: https://storagesample.blob.core.windows.net/realmigratorContainer

Concatenate a connection string + ;BlobEndpoint= + container URL to blob configuration string


DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=myBlobAccountName;AccountKey=9aCzs76n0E7y5BpEi2GvsSv433BZa22leDOZXXeXXIUa==;EndpointSuffix=core.windows.net ;BlobEndpoint=https://storagesample.blob.core.windows.net/realmigratorContainer

Navigate to and enter a blob configuration string as External Storage. Then redeploy code and configuration files.

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