Hash Reference

gkScript main object


string gkScript::hashMD5(string data)

Use it to MD5-hash the data string. A binary has string returns.

gkScript::hexEncode or gkScript::base64Encode

Get an appropriate string representation

Hash gkScript::createMD5Hasher()

Will create a hash object

gkScript hash object

class Hash
    update(string data);
    string finalize();

Hash sample

eval> var md5 = gkScript.hexEncode(gkScript.hashMD5("The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"));

eval> var hasher = gkScript.createMD5Hasher();
eval> hasher.update("The quick brown fox");
eval> hasher.update(" jumps over the lazy dog");
eval> gkScript.hexEncode(hasher.finalize());

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