File System

gkScript main object

The global gkScript object offers the following filesystem functions:

class gkScript

    // Local filesystem
    bool loadFile(string path, string content);
    bool loadFile(string path, string content, size_t offset, size_t size);
    string readStdin();
    bool saveFile(string path, string content, bool overwrite = false);
    bool saveFile(string path, string content, size_t offset);
    bool setFileSize(string path, size_t size);
    bool setFileAttributes(string path, int attributes);
    bool copyFile(string sourcePath, string targetPath, bool overwrite);
    bool moveFile(string sourcePath, string targetPath);
    bool deleteFile(string path, bool recycleBin = false);
    bool createDirectory(string path);
    bool deleteDirectory(string path);

    vector<DirectoryEntry> listDirectory(string path);
    bool getFileInformation(string path, DirectoryEntry &info);

    map<string, value> getFileSummary(string path);
    map<string, string> enumDrives();

    bool addNetworkConnection(string path, string user, string password, string localDrive = "");
    bool deleteNetworkConnection(string path, bool force = false);

Directory Content


gkScript::listDirectory(string path)

Returns an array of DirecotyEntry objects


class DirectoryEntry
    isFolder;             // bool
    name;                 // string
    path;                 // string

    attributes;           // uint32_t
    size;                 // int64_t
    created, modified;    // time_t


listDirectory sample:

eval> var list=gkScript.listDirectory("c:");
eval> for (entry : list){print(;}
Documents and Settings
Program Files
Program Files (x86)
System Volume Information

Ranged read/write operations


gkScript::loadFile(path, content, offset, size)

Can be used to load a part of a file

gkScript::getFileInformation(path, &info)

Can be used to retrieve the file size

gkScript::saveFile(path, content, offset)

Can be used to write a part of the file. The write size is the size of the content string.

File summary


gkScript::getFileSummary(string path)

Returns a map of key:value pairs with summary information about the file. Supported file types are: - Structured storage file with summary information (.msi, .msg, .doc, .xls, thumps.db,...) - PST files

Dump MSI installer cache:

var dir=gkScript.listDirectory(gkScript.expandString("%windir%\\installer"));

var i=0;

for (entry : dir) {
	if (!entry.isFolder) {
		var info=gkScript.getFileSummary(entry.path);
		if (!is_var_undef(info["MSI Package Code"])) {
			print( + "   (" + entry.path + ")");
			print("    Package Code " + to_string(info["MSI Package Code"]));
			if (!is_var_undef(info["Subject"])) {print("    " + to_string(info["Subject"]));}

print(to_string(i) + " Packages found.");

Read console input


string gkScript::readStdin()

Reads from stdin until end of file is reached

Console input sample:

>echo Hello %username%|chaiCmd.exe -c "var in=gkScript.readStdin(); print(\"input: \" + in);"
input: Hello christoph

Read console input


gkScript::addNetworkConnection(path, user, password, localDrive)

Creates a network connection. If user and password are empty, the current user context is used to connect. If localDrive is present, the connection is permanent and mapped to the drive. Use the format "X:" for localDrive.

gkScript::deleteNetworkConnection(path, force)

Removes a network connection. Path can be eithe a UNC path or a local drive.

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