File System

gkScript main object

The global gkScript object offers the following filesystem functions:

class gkScript

    // Local filesystem
    bool loadFile(string path, string content);
    bool loadFile(string path, string content, size_t offset, size_t size);
    string readStdin();
    bool saveFile(string path, string content, bool overwrite = false);
    bool saveFile(string path, string content, size_t offset);
    bool setFileSize(string path, size_t size);
    bool setFileAttributes(string path, int attributes);
    bool copyFile(string sourcePath, string targetPath, bool overwrite);
    bool moveFile(string sourcePath, string targetPath);
    bool deleteFile(string path, bool recycleBin = false);
    bool createDirectory(string path);
    bool deleteDirectory(string path);

    vector<DirectoryEntry> listDirectory(string path);
    bool getFileInformation(string path, DirectoryEntry &info);

    map<string, value> getFileSummary(string path);
    map<string, string> enumDrives();

    bool addNetworkConnection(string path, string user, string password, string localDrive = "");
    bool deleteNetworkConnection(string path, bool force = false);

Directory Content

Script Function
gkScript::listDirectory(string path) Returns an array of DirecotyEntry objects


class DirectoryEntry
    isFolder;             // bool
    name;                 // string
    path;                 // string

    attributes;           // uint32_t
    size;                 // int64_t
    created, modified;    // time_t


listDirectory sample:

eval> var list=gkScript.listDirectory("c:");
eval> for (entry : list){print(;}
Documents and Settings
Program Files
Program Files (x86)
System Volume Information

Ranged read/write operations

Script Function
gkScript::loadFile(path, content, offset, size) Can be used to load a part of a file
gkScript::getFileInformation(path, &info) Can be used to retrieve the file size
gkScript::saveFile(path, content, offset) Can be used to write a part of the file. The write size is the size of the content string.

File summary

Script Function
gkScript::getFileSummary(string path) Returns a map of key:value pairs with summary information about the file.Supported file types are: - Structured storage file with summary information (.msi, .msg, .doc, .xls, thumps.db,…)- PST files

Dump MSI installer cache:

var dir=gkScript.listDirectory(gkScript.expandString("%windir%\\installer"));

var i=0;

for (entry : dir) {
	if (!entry.isFolder) {
		var info=gkScript.getFileSummary(entry.path);
		if (!is_var_undef(info["MSI Package Code"])) {
			print( + "   (" + entry.path + ")");
			print("    Package Code " + to_string(info["MSI Package Code"]));
			if (!is_var_undef(info["Subject"])) {print("    " + to_string(info["Subject"]));}

print(to_string(i) + " Packages found.");

Read console input

Script Function
string gkScript::readStdin() Reads from stdin until end of file is reached

Console input sample:

>echo Hello %username%|chaiCmd.exe -c "var in=gkScript.readStdin(); print(\"input: \" + in);"
input: Hello christoph

Read console input

Script Function
gkScript::addNetworkConnection(path, user, password, localDrive) Creates a network connection.If user and password are empty, the current user context is used to connect.If localDrive is present, the connection is permanent and mapped to the drive.Use the format “X:” for localDrive.
gkScript::deleteNetworkConnection(path, force) Removes a network connection.Path can be eithe a UNC path or a local drive.