The File Module contains options to configure the searches of files which have to migrated. RealMigrator search these files and copies them to a defined destination.

File Module

Upload Store

Upload stores always support basic file operations (upload file, create directory). They can support delete operations on files and directories to support proper synchronization.
In addition they can support blockmode uploads, which enable differential uploads based on hash maps.

Upload store

Setting Explanation
Type File: Writes to a file back-end, either local or on a file server OneDrive: Stores to the user’s OneDrive via a RealMigrator server Graph API Blob Storage: Stores a blob storage via RealMigrator server Blob API
Root path Default root path
Diff file size Default size are 4 MB. When a file exceeding this size it will be uploaded in blocks. It is possible to define a own size
Diff block size When a file has to uploaded in blocks the default size is 1 MB
Path blacklist Paths which are listed in a blacklist are excluded from all catalogs and will not be part of migrations (see [Well-known folder] (/modules/wellknownfolder/) for folder (paths) list)


A catalog defines which files RealMigrator has to migrate and where to find them.


Setting Explanation
Name Name of the catalog
Path Concrete path and place where RealMigrator will find the files (see [Well-known folder] (/modules/wellknownfolder/) for folder (paths) list)
Remote path Defined destination for Path
Filter RealMigrator migrates the listed file formats
Blacklist When activated RealMigrator will migrate all file formats except the formats from Filter
Synchronization Type One-Move Sync: Copies remote storage and removes them if they are deleted in the source path Copy: Copies changes but does not remove deleted files Move: Removes local file after they were copied to the remote storage

Catalog Order

Use the up and down buttons to change the order of catalogs

Catalog - Order

Create and Delete catalogs

At the bottom of the page there are buttons to create new catalogs or delete existing ones

Create and Delete

  • To add further catalogs click the button Catalog
  • To delete the last created catalog click the button Last Catalog
  • To delete all of them click the button All

Log level and Reset code

Setting Explanation
Log level Available log levels are Error, Info and Debug.
Reset Code A client is always checking the own configurations after a defined period of time. This means that the client compares the selected client settings with the selected server settings. In addition the client connect to the server based on Module loop delay, a defined period of time. By this time value the client is starting a Module loop and the client is checking the Reset code. If there is a Reset code change the client will takes over the new configuration. If there is no change, the client will still use the existing configuration.
Power mode If this mode is activated, power down is prevented during migration.

Log level & Reset code


RealMigrator offers a default script for File. But it is possible to edit the existing script or to writing a new script.


Reset Button

Reset Button

If you click the Reset button in the Config tab or in the Script tab, all your entries will be reset to the RealMigrator default values.

To accept the default values you have to click Save at the top of the page.