Module Information

Progress in general

In this example File and PST are skipped and Inventory is finalized

Clients - module status

Inventory Tab

The Inventory tab shows details about bandwidth, drives and installerCache

Clients - Inventory

File Tab

The File tab shows a list of migrated files and documents. Click the three red dots to see more details.

Clients - File


The PST tab shows a list of migrated PST files and PST documents. Click also the three red dots to see more details.

Clients - PST


Depending on your configurations of the Custom Module, the Custom tab will show different results. When Custom is configured as PST or File it will look like them (see above). In the following example Custom is configured as Server Migration.

To add a catalog to a migration, click Add catalog on the following screen:

Clients - Custom

The submenu Add catalog entry appears. To add a catalog for a local filesystem, enter a name, add filters (optional) and/or enable or disable Blacklist. If Blacklist is enabled, RealMigrator will migrate all file formats except the formats that are listed above Filter.

After you enter a name and select filters you have to select a source. Source and Local filesystem are selected as defaults. Choose your drives and files that you want to migrate.

Add catalog entry - Source

As an alternative to Local filesystem you can choose a Network share as a source. Enter a Path, a Username and a Password. The username is used for authentication and the password authenticates the user.

Add catalog entry - Source Network share

After you chose your source, you have to select a destination for your migration. Click Destination to switch to destination settings. You have three destination options: Blob storage, OneDrive and Sharepoint.

As an option you can enter a path on target blob storage. If you choose OneDrive you have an extra option where you can enter an UPN. And if you choose Sharepoint you have an extra option where you can enter a Url.

Add catalog entry - Destination