• Command .exe file
  • Suitable for testing configurations and settings
  • Suitable for reporting

A exemplary chaiCmd.exe usage

Create reporting with server_query.chai (carbon => subfolder testscripts)

chaiCmd.exe ..\testscripts\server_query.chai

Usage: server_query.chai [PROJECT] [TOKENFILE] [COMMAND] [ARGS…]

Command can be one of the following:

Command Result
groups list groups
software list installed software (Additional args: [GROUPID-optional])
progress list client progress (Additional args: [GROUPID-optional])
errors list client errors (Additional args: [GROUPID-optional])
files get files report (Additional args: [CLIENTID])
clientjson clientjson download client json data (Additional args: [CLIENTID])
log download log file (Additional args: [CLIENTID])
module download module data (Additional args: [CLIENTID] [MODULE])

Report generation

chaiCmd.exe ..\testscripts\server_query.chai [projectname] token.txt>test.csv

It creates a progress reporting. Optional use a GroupID to specified a report.

chaiCmd.exe ..\gkScriptModule\testscripts\server_query.chai [projectname] token.txt groups

It creates a GroupID - name list